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Helping people claim compensation after a work accident

Thousands of people sustain injuries after a work accident that was not their fault every year, and many go on to make a successful compensation claim. This is an example of one of the people that came to us for help making a personal injury claim. She was awarded over £2,200 in compensation for her neck and back injuries.

One of our successful work accident claims
Our client worked for a company (the defendant in the case) checking containers after they had been moulded and then stacking them into large palettes. One day, she was walking through a doorway; she pushed a plastic strip in a doorway with her left hand whilst pulling a palette trap behind her.

One of the plastic strips from the doorway got caught on her trousers and she fell down on her left side. Our client reported the accident to her team leader. Gradually, she began to experience pain in her left shoulder, back, left knee and left ankle. She was unable to continue working and was sent home.

Due to her symptoms, our client attended her GP. She was signed off work sick due to her back and neck injuries.

Our client then contacted us regarding her work accident and we entered into a no win, no fee agreement with her. We sent a letter of claim to her employer, outlining the situation and that our client wanted to make a claim for her accident. The employer passed it to their insurance firm to deal with, who then admitted liability on the employer's behalf.

GP notes were obtained and an independent expert trauma and orthopaedic surgeon was instructed to prepare an independent medical report, as evidence to support the claim. Our lawyer then entered into negotiations to settle the case, based on the evidence we had obtained. Ultimately, the sum of £2,242.08 was agreed in final settlement of our client's accident at work claim.

About us
We are proud of our excellent compensation claim success rate with work accident claims, and believe this is down to the experience and dedication of our personal injury solicitors. We make a commitment to each of our clients that they will only get the very best service from us.

We work on a no win, no fee basis that completely protects our clients from all costs if their claim is unsuccessful. What's more, there are no up front costs to pay, meaning you are at no financial risk if you make a personal injury claim with us.

How to make your work accident claim
Contact us, and we will give you expert advice on whether you have a valid claim. You can start an online chat with one of our advisors, fill in our online form above and we will get in touch with you, or call us on 0800 197 32 32.