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Are whiplash injuries associated with psychological variables?

While physical whiplash symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain are suffered by many following car accidents, medical professional have noted psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety and in those suffering whiplash injuries. Read more about signs and symptoms of whiplash injury.

In order to find out more about whether a whiplash injury can actually trigger psychological symptoms, a study entitled Course of Psychological Variables in Whiplash Injury was carried out by Radanov et al (1996).

A sample was obtained by announcing the study in the Swiss Medical Journal and by distribution of letters to primary care physicians in a particular catchment area consisting of around 800,000 people. Physicians were asked to refer whiplash injury patients if they fitted the following criteria:

The aim of the study was to investigate the psychological effects of a whiplash injury as soon as possible after the injury occurred and then at three, six, 12 and 24 months. Read more about the diagnosis and prognosis of whiplash injury.

All participants underwent a psychological assessment which included a self-rated well-being test. An examination of personality traits using the Freiburg Personality inventory was also carried out which considered: nervousness, spontaneous aggressiveness, depression, excitability, social withdrawal, irritability, reactive aggressiveness, inhibition, closed-mindedness, extraversion, neuroticism and passivity.

The main findings of this study were that:

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