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A winning claim for whiplash compensation

While training for the regional jujitsu championships, a 32-year-old man sustained a soft tissue injury to the neck area that was later diagnosed as a whiplash injury.

He had practised jujitsu for 15 years and was chosen to represent his county in a prestigious jujitsu competition. He trained four evenings a week after a work, building both his body strength and stamina so that he was in top form for the tournament.

However, when taking part in the second heat our client's opponent grabbed him around the waist and lifted him more than three feet above his shoulder so that he fell forwards onto his face. This move, known as the suplex, had been banned from use in the competition due to its dangerous nature.

As he fell to the floor he felt his neck jerk backwards and strain. The motion was quick but he felt immediate neck and back pain, causing him to yell out in agony. Read more about signs and symptoms of whiplash injury.

A medic was called who advised the fighter that he had probably sustained a soft tissue neck injury. He then sent him straight to the accident and emergency department for further investigation. A doctor was concerned with the level of pain that the man was experiencing and sent him for an X-ray. The scan showed that no bones were broken and an ultrasound confirmed that he had sustained a severe whiplash injury.

The doctor explained that the injury had been caused by the sudden whiplash motion that occurred when the man's upper body was propelled towards the ground. He said that it was fortunate that the man's neck muscles were strong otherwise a more serious neck injury or spinal cord injury could have been sustained.

Wearing a neck collar for the first 24-hours, then the application of a warm compress accompanied by a combination of pain killers and very gentle mobility exercises were recommended by the doctor. Read more about treatments for whiplash injury.

The time needed for recovery meant that he had to take six weeks off work and was unable to continue with jujitsu for almost six months. This caused him a great inconvenience and, as he was self-employed, meant that he lost earnings. He took out a loan so that he could support his wife and newborn child but realised that this was only a short-time solution. He was aware that his opponent's club had insurance that covered such professional events and decided to seek personal injury compensation.

The man typed 'whiplash injury compensation' into Google and found that The Claim Solicitors deal with such claims on a no win no fee basis. He called our freephone number and our claim advisors explained that this meant that he would not have to pay our personal injury solicitors fees if his claim was unsuccessful.

He accepted our terms and we accepted his case which proved successful. Within months our client received a cheque through the post for 4,200 which went a long way to helping him get back on his feet after his whiplash injury.

Making a whiplash compensation claim today
If you have sustained a whiplash injury as a result of an accident that wasn't your fault, or was only partly your fault, then you may be entitled to make a no win no fee compensation claim.

Our personal injury solicitors are experts in whiplash injury claims and can help you to claim for pain, suffering, lost earnings and medical expenses. Read more about what you can claim for.

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