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Children at risk of whiplash induced strokes

You may have considered making a whiplash injury claim on behalf of your child after a car accident but have you considered that your child could suffer a stroke?

Strokes are not just exclusive to the elderly; around 3,200 children suffer strokes every year. They usually occur when the blood supply to a part of the brain is suddenly interrupted by a blood vessel bursting or becoming blocked. This can lead to paralysis of the limbs and loss of speech, often affecting just one side of the body.

Many strokes among children are linked to factors such as heart and blood vessel abnormalities which can be hereditary or present as a result of birth injuries, blood disorders and viral infections. However, traumatic personal injury to the neck or spine arteries could also have the same effect.

According to neurological expert Lori Jordan, "Carotid or vertebral artery injury can lead to small tears, which generate blood clots that travel to the brain and cause a fourth of all strokes in children."

Just like whiplash injuries it seems that strokes are not so easy to detect and this can make them an even greater danger.

"Strokes in children may occur even more often than brain tumours but unlike cancer, sadly, strokes in children are sometimes not recognized and treated, or at least not as early as they should be."

It is vital that a stroke, which could cause debilitating brain damage, is detected as soon as possible so that your child has the best chance of survival and recovery. In the event that your child sustains a neck injury, which you are considering making a whiplash injury claim for, look out for signs of a stroke which may include:

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