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Motorcycle accident case study

A 22-year-old man was riding his motorcycle down a country lane when he was involved in a vehicle accident with a Citroen Saxo.

He was riding within the speed limit and slowed to take a corner.  But, the car was travelling quickly around the same corner towards him.  Both vehicles swerved to avoid one another but the car clipped the motorcycle and caused it to veer off towards a tree.

The motorcyclist managed to keep his balance and braked just before he hit the tree.  However, his whole upper body was jerked and this, combined with the weight of his helmet, caused his neck to start aching intensely almost straight away.  His girlfriend, who was riding pillion, was thrown forwards into his back and suffered minor bruising to the chest.

The Saxo driver did not stop to see if the pair had suffered any injuries and after a few moments sped away from the accident scene.  However, a witness to the accident who was living in a nearby house had made a note of the driver’s number plate which she forwarded to the police.

After a few days his girlfriend’s bruising had healed but the pain and swelling to the young man’s neck, back and shoulders became so unbearable that he made an appointment at his local doctor’s surgery.  The doctor diagnosed him with a whiplash injury and sent him for an X-ray to see if the motorcycle helmet had caused any further damage to the cervical spine.

No further damage was found although the whiplash injury was quite severe and the doctor estimated that our client may experience permanent or recurring pain and stiffness.  He also advised that the young man will be left open to further trauma in this area and may need to undergo surgery at a later date.

Clearly disturbed by this news, the young man went about finding a way to be compensated for his injury, the time that he had been forced to take off work and the fact that he wouldn’t be able to ride his motorcycle in the near future.  He contacted us and after an initial assessment we were happy to take on his whiplash injury claim

Our personal injury solicitors talked him through each stage of the claim process and fought to get him the most compensation available.  The claim was successful and he was awarded £9,000 in total. 

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