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Using the Alexander technique to treat a whiplash injury

When you sustain a whiplash injury in a car crash or any other accident you will undoubtedly suffer neck pain, discomfort, headaches and dizziness. Whiplash symptoms can take a few days to appear but once they do you will be desperate to get rid of them. Read more about whiplash signs and symptoms.

There are many treatments suggested by health care professionals from pain killers and heat treatments to neck collars and mobility exercises. Read more about whiplash injury treatments. However, some whiplash sufferers have tried and tested the effectiveness of alternative therapies such as the Alexander technique.

What is the Alexander technique?
The founder of the technique, F.M Alexander, found that excessive tension restricts movements and creates pressure on the joints, spine, breathing mechanism and other organs. He recognised that this harmful tension needs to be eradicated and so devised a technique that improves ease and freedom of movement, balance, support and coordination by changing movement habits in everyday activities such as sitting, standing and lifting.

Unlike most children who move fluidly and have good posture, many adults acquire tension habits associated with their movement and chronically misuse their muscles. Examples include slouching when sitting in front of the TV or sitting for long periods when driving long distance. Such tension habits can cause back and neck injuries or prolong whiplash injury symptoms.

The Alexander technique is usually taught one-to-one in private lessons and the number of lessons needed depends on the severity of coordination difficulties you are experiencing or the extent to which you wish to pursue the improvements to your mind and body that the technique can bring.

How can it help those with whiplash injuries?
The benefits of this technique to improve high blood pressure, breathing difficulties, sleep problems, mental alertness and resilience to outside pressures and stresses have been recognised. In addition, literature from the 1980s and 90s revealed that the Alexander technique can help improve chronic pain caused by serious personal injuries; reduce pain caused by Repetitive Strain Injury; and help in the process of physical therapy and rehabilitative exercises that are used to treat patients with whiplash and other injuries.

Specifically, the NHS regards it as an effective alternative complementary therapy for easing the symptoms of back injuries and it has also been successful in treating associated disorders, such as whiplash injuries.

Essentially, the Alexander technique can help restore freedom and expression to the body, helping to rid of tension that can worsen whiplash injuries. It can also clear the mind, promoting a healthy mindset and good mental attitude to decrease pain and suffering and speed up recovery rate.

How can I make a whiplash claim today?
Have you suffered a whiplash injury in an accident that wasn't your fault? Would you like to claim personal injury compensation from the party responsible for your whiplash injury? If you have answered yes to both of these questions then you are in the right place.

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