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Whiplash compensation resulting from theme park rides

Judging by the fact that a car accident at a speed as low as 5mph can result in claims for whiplash compensation being made, it is fair to assume that fairground and amusement park rides that go at much faster rates will cause similar personal injuries or worse.

The average speed of a rollercoaster is currently around 70mph but they can reach as high as 100mph. Just think of the damage a car crashing at this speed could do!

G force is another issue with amusement rides and with some G forces reaching higher than those tolerated by astronauts at lift-off it is clear that those who chose to thrill seek on rollercoasters and the like are putting themselves at risk of serious personal injury.

There are whole range of injuries that have been sustained by those who venture onto fast rides from whiplash and broken bones to brain injury and paralysis; some have even met their death.

Just consider the way that your body is thrown around when you are on a fast ride. You are buffeted in all directions and although your chest is often securely strapped in, your head and neck take the brunt of the impact and you are simulating whiplash motions. Diffuse axonal injuries are particularly common; these occur when the head is jerked suddenly and violently in the wrong direction and has been linked with whiplash as well as shaken baby syndrome.

Ride of terror
One particular rollercoaster, the Rattler, was constructed as the world's highest, steepest, fastest and longest wooden-span rollercoaster in the US in 1990. It took a first drop of 166 feet and inflicted a G force of 5 on its riders, that's around 80 pounds of pressure. Another 1.5 G's were then experienced from the left side and the right as the ride snaked suddenly from side to side.

After experiencing the extraordinary force of the Rattler, one rider commented, "It feels like someone tried to take your head off."

Within the first three months that the Rattler was in operation over 100 injuries were reported as follows:

As a result many claims for whiplash compensation and damages for other types of injuries were sought and more than $3 million was paid out in compensation.

Rides in the UK undergo substantial safety checks to make sure that they are suitable. If you are involved in a theme park accident or sustain personal injury as a result of the ride's safety standards being inadequate, you could be in a position to make a no win no fee claim for damages.

Claim for no win no fee whiplash compensation
If you have sustained a whiplash injury in a theme park accident or while on a ride in the UK you could be in a position to make a compensation claim against the people responsible.

Whiplash symptoms range from minor stiffness and headaches to severe neck pain and bouts of depression and we have helped many people to recover compensation for everything from lost past and future earnings to medical expenses.

If you would like to claim for whiplash compensation on a no win no fee basis, you have come to the right place. Our personal injury solicitors have a wealth of experience with such claims and can help you gain maximum compensation.

Make a no win no fee claim through The Claim Solicitors today by filling out one of our online claim forms with details of your accident and injuries. Alternatively, leave us a call back request so we can get back to you whenever you say or call our 24-hour claims advice line direct on 0800 197 32 32 and make a claim for whiplash compensation.