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Could playing your tunes in your car end up in a whiplash claim?

You might think it reasonable that you could get a neck injury after a night of frantic dancing at your local dance hall or night club but have you ever thought of music being a contributing factor to car accident injuries for which you may later have to make a whiplash claim?

Yes, music can be extremely hazardous. We've had Blood on the Dance Floor followed by outright Murder on the Dance Floor but now we're talking whiplash in a car accident.

It seems that in-car sound systems are becoming more powerful and increasingly affordable and large in built speakers are a particular favourite among young males, who are statistically synonymous with car accidents.

Research carried out by the RAC Foundation has found that a typical car stereo can reach a level of 110 dB which is worrying as individuals exposed to noise levels of more than 85dB for eight hours a day are at an increased risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss and would be required to wear ear defenders for the own safety if in the workplace.

According to the study, drivers who listen to loud music with a fast beat were twice as likely to go through a red light. They were also found to have twice the amount of road accidents that drivers who either didn't listen to music or opted for gentler sounds had, increasing their risk of sustaining personal injuries such as whiplash.

Drivers are thought to revert to their own loud sound dominated worlds, decreasing their awareness of the road around them and putting the lives of themselves and others in grave danger.

And it's not only the noisy perpetrator that can be distracted by loud music; other motorists may also lose their concentration while driving if exposed to big sounds.

Environment Minister, Ben Bradshaw has commented, "How many people, I wonder have been distracted by the sudden 'Boom! Boom! Boom!' coming from one of those cars, wondering what on earth was happening, as the ground beneath them shook or the walls and windows of their home vibrated to the heavy thud of some violent bass beat?"

Following these worrying findings, Executive Director of the RAC Foundation said the following on the subject, "We would ask motorists to be responsible when driving and not put lives at risk for the sake of blasting out the latest tunes.

"Although the decrease in reaction time from playing loud music translates into mere fractions of a second, on the UK's busy roads, this reduction could mean the difference between a hit or a miss."

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