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How whiplash can affect your eyes after a car accident

Studies have shown that some people who have had a car accident resulting in a whiplash personal injury experience changes in their eye movements and vision.

These changes can relate to disturbance of posture and the nervous system, which can be caused by whiplash. In return, anything which affects your vision and the nervous system can also affect your driving ability and road competence.

Previous studies of individuals tested in a driving simulator with disturbed eye movements due to a whiplash personal injury show significant differences in the response time to different traffic signs.

Evaluating eye movements soon after a whiplash personal injury can be a good way to test the extent of vision damage and driving ability following a car accident.

Brain and brainstem dysfunction after whiplash trauma in a road traffic accident (grades two and three according to the Quebec Task Force Classification on Whiplash Associated Disorders) has a direct correlation with eye motility.

Oculomotor tests (for eye motility) show whiplash trauma can last for two years after a car accident. The eyesight of some individuals returns to normal fairly quickly, but worsens in others. This may be due to excessive cervical disturbance caused by lesions to the brain and brainstem.

What happens in an oculomotor test?
Ocular motility is a standard test for anybody who says that their eyesight is affected or disturbed, to examine the function of the eye muscles.

A motility test addresses issues like an ability to focus on and discern objects, as well as other tests relating to the eyes and vision. The opthamologist will ask the subject to focus on various objects at different distances as part of the test.

Whiplash compensation claims
A whiplash compensation claim is an extremely common type of personal injury claim and the chances of success are very high if the car accident you have been involved in was caused by somebody else.

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