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Young people beware of road accidents and having to make whiplash injury compensation claims

The Youth and Safety Report carried out by the World Health organisation (WHO) has revealed that road accidents are the most likely cause of death to young people worldwide. The Claim Solicitors also receive a great deal of whiplash compensation claims from people under the age of 25 who have been involved in car accidents and other types of road accidents.

Approximately 250,000 motorists suffer whiplash injuries every year in the UK and 25,000 are left with residual disabilities as a result. What's more alarming is that as many as 400,000 young people meet their death in road accidents every year worldwide and millions more are left with serious personal injuries and disabilities.

However, it seems that the majority of these road accidents could be prevented and young people could be spared from suffering whiplash injuries or worse. WHO Director-General, DR Margaret Chan has commented, "Road traffic crashes are not 'accidents'. We need to challenge the notion that they are unavoidable and make room for a proactive, preventative approach."

By simply encouraging the use of car safety devices such as seat belts and child restraints, the wearing of motorcycle and bicycle helmets, creating safer play areas for children and encouraging drivers to avoid drink driving and speeding, there is a hope that these shocking road accident statistics can be reduced.

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