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While people most regularly sustain whiplash injuries from car accidents, playing sports can be just as dangerous. Contact sports such as rugby and martial arts notoriously cause personal injury, particularly neck injuries. But have you ever considered that you could end up having to make a whiplash compensation claim after going to watch your favourite game?

A recent news report revealed that a 20-year-old student sustained a neck injury when hit by a basketball while watching a college game in Virginia State.

Born in Coventry, UK, the 20-year-old was out in the US studying when he has injured. Not only did the neck injury leave him unable to attend classes during a vital time in his education but he was also left unable to play football for his college team after the accident.

These issues formed the basis of the successful no win, no fee compensation claim that he made in the States.

It was not cited whether this young man's injury was whiplash or not but The Claim Solicitors have received whiplash compensation claims from people who have been injured while watching sports in the past.

Jim from Harpenden, Hertfordshire made a successful personal injury claim through us during September 2006 after he went to watch a professional tennis match with his ten-year-old son.

His injury occurred when one player disagreed with a linesman's decision to rule points and slammed his tennis ball across the court in fury. The ball hit the man in the face with such force that it jerked his head back and forth and stretched the muscles and ligaments in his neck out of their normal range, while also giving him a bloody nose and a black eye.

He was taken to a local hospital and diagnosed with severe whiplash, given some anti-inflammatory pain killers and sent home to rest. His uncle suggested that he make a whiplash compensation claim and passed on our details. The father of two gave us a call the next day and we contacted one of our personal injury solicitors who specialises in whiplash claims and she accepted the case.

The case was successful and the man was awarded £6,200 in whiplash compensation to include the pain he had suffered, the prescriptions he had to pay for, the wages he had lost while off work and the cost of the tournament tickets which he and his son missed out on.

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