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Celebrating Saab and their whiplash claim reducing head restraint

This year (2007) Saab will celebrate their 60th year of manufacturing cars. Since the first Saab car was introduced to the motoring world on 10th June 1947 over four million Saab cars have been produced. Also, during 2006 more than 130,000 cars were sold worldwide, including more than 80,000 sales in Europe.

But The Claim Solicitors feel that one of the Swedish automobile experts' greatest achievements was the Saab Active Head Restraint system (SAHR), designed to minimise the risk of whiplash injury and the need for resulting whiplash claims. Read more about the SAHR.

Saab cars will also come in particularly useful if roaming wildlife pose a risk to your safety as they have all been specially designed to help you survive if you hit a wild moose in a car accident. Saab's stimulated moose crash test was developed in the mid-80s and involves the car striking a 350kg dummy moose head-on at 70 km/h.

Further protection from personal injury is demonstrated by the roll-over protection mechanism featured as part of the Saab 9-3 Convertible. The windscreen pillars and header rail are strong enough to support a total of 3.5 tonnes, 2.2 times the weight of the car.

1996 saw Erik Carlsson set a new Swedish speed record of 159.4 kph for a 750cc road car behind the wheel of a Sonett 1 sports car, precisely 40 years after it was built. It is not advisable that regular Saab drivers attempt to achieve speeds of this extreme as they are likely to be involved in a high-speed road accident and sustain personal injuries far more serious than whiplash.

Then in 2000 Saab staged what is believed to be the world's highest car launch when it presented the Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon at an airstrip near New Mexico ski resort in the US at a height of 2650m. Again we advise that you keep to driving your Saab on the road to avoid the risk of sustaining personal injury.

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