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How you can get rid of that pain in the neck

If you are suffering from unbearable neck pain as the result of a whiplash injury then we may be able to help. So, your doctor has suggested taking anti-inflammatory pain killers and recommended that you wear a soft neck collar for a few days to no demise. You have visited a chiropractor for spine realignment, had a deep tissue massage and basically tried everything that you can possibly think of but the pain is still not diminishing. Read more about treatments for whiplash injury.

Sometimes a good positive attitude and healthy lifestyle can be just as effective for fighting the effects of whiplash symptoms. Modern living encourages a variety of bad habits but maintaining a few of the good ones could help you to eradicate neck and back pain.

Get that pain out of your neck
Posture - whether you are working, driving or sitting at home watching the TV you should maintain a good posture to reduce the pressure on your spine. If you keep your spine from curving then it will be less susceptible to becoming overworked and achy, helping your neck muscles to heal more naturally.

Breaks - it is unhealthy to stand or sit for too long. Alternate your position throughout the day, making sure that you stop the car and have a walk around on long journeys and place things that you may need at work further away from your desk so that you are forced to get up and have a stretch.

Sleep - sleep can be disturbed if your are suffering from a whiplash injury but you can improve the quality of sleep you experience by making sure that you do not lay on too many pillows and force your neck into an unnatural position for long periods of time. You could even invest in a pillow made of memory foam which will mould to your natural shape when you lie down.

Work - if you have a job where you stand all day make sure that you practice mobility exercises to ease the tension in your neck. Read more about mobility exercises. Similarly, if you sit for many hours a day make sure that you sit up straight and relax your shoulders. Make sure your work station is ergonomically positioned i.e. you are not straining to reach your keyboard or cocking your neck to see your monitor as this is sure to increase neck and shoulder pain.

Exercise - get into a regular routine so that it becomes second nature to exercise daily. Focus on stretching and strengthening your neck muscles. Walking is especially good for those suffering with whiplash as it is a gentle exercise that involves rotating the spine and working out the neck muscles.

Healthy diet - if you live on a diet of crisps, meat pies and fizzy drinks then you will not be sustaining the correct nutrients that your body needs to repair itself. Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet, including plenty of fruit and vegetables, to provide vital vitamins and minerals. Also drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated and fighting fit.

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