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Whiplash resulting from sports and recreation activities

Despite the amount of whiplash injury claims that The Claim Solicitors see following car accidents, there are many different personal injuries that you could suffer when taking part in recreational activities such as horse riding, surfing and playing sports, particularly contact sports such as rugby.

Some of the most commonly sustained sports injuries are to the head and neck. Head injuries may be caused by a blow to the head from a bat or ball, a fall or collision while tackling during contact sports and may include concussions, contusions (bruising), fractures and haematomas (localised swelling filled with blood resulting from a burst blood vessel). In the most extreme cases brain damage may occur.

The best prevention against sustaining a head injury while taking part in recreational activities or while playing sport is to wear a helmet. Helmets are compulsory by law for those riding motorcycles and advisable for those that ride horses and bicycles or take part in street sports such as stunt skateboarding.

Neck injuries can be just as dangerous as head injuries because the neck sits at the top of the spine, which if damaged could cause a serious personal injury to the spinal cord and lead to paralysis.

You could sustain damage to your neck, such as a whiplash injury, through a sudden traumatic motion during regular sports such as gymnastics and boxing or extreme sports such as skydiving and snow boarding. Neck injuries include fractures, strains and sprains. One such injury commonly suffered by sportsmen is a stinger; a hot stinging sensation in the neck caused by stretched nerves, similar to a whiplash injury.

If you come across someone who you suspect may have suffered a neck injury then you should resist from moving them and worsening their condition. If you, or someone close to you, have suffered a neck injury you may be able to make a whiplash injury claim if liability can be proven.

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