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Neck collar or no neck collar?

Evidence shows that people who sustain whiplash injuries will suffer in different ways for different amounts of time and will respond to different whiplash treatments. Some may even choose to enlist the help of UK personal injury solicitors to make claims for whiplash compensation.

It has been found that some patients respond to wearing neck collars whereas others do not. For example, four studies revealed that early mobilisation worked better for people with whiplash than resting the neck in a soft collar for up to two weeks. Those who moved their necks as soon as possible experienced less neck pain later on and were able to move their necks easier one month after their personal injury occurred.

Further to that, another study revealed that whiplash sufferers who moved as usual after sustaining whiplash had fewer neck pains six months down the line. On the other hand, those who rested in a neck collar and took two weeks off work were more likely to exhibit whiplash symptoms such as stiffness, headaches and memory difficulties.

However, one in ten patients from both groups were still suffering from neck pain six months later, suggesting that for these few it made very little difference whether they rested their necks in neck collars or reverted back to normal straight away.

All The Claim Solicitors can suggest is that every patient is inherently different in terms of the health, fitness, age, gender and how they respond to the impact that causes a whiplash injury is dependent on all these factors.

Gain the whiplash compensation that you deserve
Have you been involved in a non-fault car accident or another accident that wasn't your fault? Have you sustained a whiplash injury? Then we may be able to help you gain whiplash compensation.

All of our personal injury solicitors are experienced at dealing with personal injury claims of this kind and we will appoint the ideal solicitor to your case. You can rest assured that your solicitor will talk you through each stage of the claims process in plain English and that he/she will fight to get you the most compensation available.

You can make a compensation claim for pain, suffering and distress, lost earnings, medical expenses and belongings that were lost or damaged at the time you sustained your injury, and we can help you to do this on a no win no fee basis.

For more information about making a no win no fee compensation claim talk to one of our claim advisors online or to make a claim for whiplash compensation today either fill out an online assessment form or give us a call for free on 0800 197 32 32.