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Methylprenisolone can ease whiplash and prevent sick leave and injury compensation

High-dose methylprenisolone issued within eight hours of a whiplash personal injury can ease whiplash and prevent extensive sick leave.

Whiplash can often result in chronic symptoms and the medicinal management of whiplash personal injuries as part of whiplash injury compensation has historically been controversial and unclear, with many different schools of thought about how to treat the painful and uncomfortable injury.

Studies over the last few years have shown that if methylprenisolone is issued within eight hours of a whiplash personal injury taking place, it can improve the personal injury and dramatically affect the rate of recovery.

In a study conducted by the department of orthopaedics at Ume University in Sweden, 40 patients (22 men and 18 women) with an average age of 35 were treated for whiplash that they had sustained in a car accident and could make them potentially able to pursue a whiplash injury compensation claim.

Disabling symptoms severe enough to prevent the patient from returning to work, the number of sick days before and after the injury and the sick-leave profile after the personal injury were used as means to evaluate the effects of treatment.

Six months after treatment, there was a significant difference between disabling symptoms in sufferers treated with methylprenisolone and the placebo group and the total number of sick days taken before and after the whiplash personal injury.

Results show that acute treatment with high-dose methylprednisolone could be beneficial in preventing extensive sick leave after a whiplash personal injury. The number of patients studied was small, and controlled studies were therefore needed.

Whiplash injury compensation claims
Whiplash research is improving all the time and practitioners now believe firmly that the implications of a whiplash personal injury can be more serious than previously thought and should not be taken lightly.

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