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Massage therapy pain relief for whiplash injuries

Like many other alternative therapies, such as Chiropractic care which helps manipulate the spine and acupuncture which targets specific acupuncture points around the body in order to help restore the body's energy balance, massage therapy has been proven as an effective technique for relieving the pain associated with whiplash injuries. Read more about treating whiplash injury sufferers with acupuncture.

Massage therapy was introduced via ancient Chinese and Indian folk medicine around 3,000 years ago. It was then brought west by Greek and Roman physicians and has remained a significant relaxation and pain relief technique within the Western culture.

Licensed practitioners of massage therapy are fully trained in anatomy, physiology and techniques which stimulate blood flow, oxygen intake, nutrient absorption and the elimination of metabolic wastes.

Today, people may seek the expertise of a masseur for a sports therapy massage following a sporting injury such as a hamstring strain or those with a recurring illness or personal injury may require a Swedish massage for the benefits offered by lymphatic draining.

How massage can help whiplash injury sufferers
Massage therapy not only boosts the immune system but it also stimulates the level of endorphins, the body's natural pain killers, thereby helping us to heal more quickly.

Those suffering from neck injuries such as whiplash may benefit from manipulation of the muscles that are causing pain to the neck, shoulders, arms, and back. Massage essentially increases the amount of oxygen that gets to the muscles and aids the injured muscles to heal.

This alternative therapy also helps to relieve long-lasting tension and anxiety associated with old whiplash injuries that have not been properly treated. Tension can make whiplash symptoms worse and more enduring. However, massage therapy alleviates tightness in the muscles and makes recovery a much speedier process. Read more about the prognosis of a whiplash injury.

Massage can also help to eliminate specific trigger points at the base of the neck, the base of the skull, the top of the head and just above the eye which may cause whiplash symptoms, such as headaches and neck pain. Read more about signs and symptoms of whiplash injuries.

Before treatment commences, the practitioner will usually ask about your medical case history, such as whether you are suffering from any personal injuries they should be aware of or if there are any particular areas of your body you would like them to concentrate on.

If you are having an aromatherapy massage, information about ailments that you are suffering from will also be used to select the types of oils that will compliment your treatment. For example, if a headache is one of your whiplash symptoms, lavender or eucalyptus may be mixed with a base oil and used to massage you.

The actual treatment usually involves a combination of manipulations, ranging from stroking movements to kneading movements, which are specially designed to stretch and loosen specific connective tissues, reduce pain and improve structural alignment.

Ultrasound, electrical heat and cold pain relief may also be used in conjunction with massage therapy, depending on the type and severity of the personal injury needing pain relief.

However, it is important to remember that if you are considering getting massage therapy for a whiplash injury you should leave it until 72 hours after you receive your injury.

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