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Exploring the link between whiplash and cervical disorders

Statistics show an increase in patients displaying neurological dysfunction connected to cervical trauma and whiplash injuries after a car accident, to such an extent that we could nowadays talk about a disease of modern civilisation or contemporary brain disease from road traffic accidents.

Cervical trauma injuries from a car accident can last for a few days or for up to two years if the impact is severe and the side-effects of whiplash are often completely underestimated.

The different types of cervical injury that can occur include:

Cervical syndrome: Cervicogenic headaches that feel like a continuous thumping migraine, restricted head and neck movement, muscular constrictions reducing mobility and torticolis (a condition where the neck is twisted and the head leans to one side, caused by spasmodic contraction of the neck muscles).

Cervico-brachial syndrome: Sensitive nerve disorders, loss of muscle strength and paresthesias (a skin sensation which feels like burning, prickling, itching or tingling, with no apparent physical cause).

Cervico-medullar syndrome: Lesions on the spinal cord are produced, which could lead to tetraparesis (weakness of all four limbs) or tetraplegia (paralysis of all four limbs or the entire body below the neck)

Cervico-encephalic syndrome: Sharp headaches, tinnitus, buzzing in the ears, oversensitisation (e.g. to loud noises), vertigo, blurred vision, balance problems, difficulty concentrating and thinking, nausea and vomiting.

Whiplash accident compensation claims
If you have been involved in a car accident, you will know that any part of your body impacting part of the vehicle you are in can be extremely painful. If your brain and skull are affected, damage and trauma may not be immediately obvious and neurological disorder symptoms may only later rear their ugly head.

When they do, your life may be thrown into disarray as sleepless nights, confusion, poor memory recall and a host of other cervical neurological problems connected to a whiplash personal injury mount up in your life. Simple things may become difficult, if not impossible. You may find it increasingly difficult to do your job properly, if at all.

If this happens to you because somebody else hit you in a road traffic accident and it is not your fault, you may feel your situation is unjustified and want to take action. We can give you free legal advice on making an accident personal injury compensation claim.

We offer a no win, no fee service, which means that, if your claim is unsuccessful, you don't have to pay a penny. It means making a claim is a totally risk free process.

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