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TV star turns to homeopathy rather than whiplash injury compensation

Millions of people suffer whiplash injuries as a result of car accidents and other incidents every year. Some people opt to pursue whiplash injury compensation claims while others will not take this opportunity and instead suffer gruelling and relentless whiplash symptoms in silence. One person who was eager to find an alternative therapy was TV actress Julie Graham.

Julie first realised the benefits of alternative therapies after using them to treat chronic eczema that she had experienced on her face for three years. The skin condition interfered with her work and she began to believe that her angry red sores would never heal until a homeopathic doctor was recommended to her.

The homeopath got to the root of her problem - her mother's death - which was causing emotional distress and, in turn, the skin reaction. She was prescribed tablets to help with both the stress and the eczema in order to encourage the body's own healing process. Julie's eczema cleared up within weeks and this was the start of her long relationship with homeopathy.

After sustaining a whiplash injury in a car accident she applied the same principles. The star of William and Mary realised after rest and taking anti-inflammatories that her neck injury was not really improving. She experienced neck pain and stiffness which was particularly bad in the mornings and decided enough was enough - she turned to a combination of acupuncture and osteopathy. Soon, the alternative whiplash treatment prevented her neck from seizing up into spasms and her recovery time sped right up.

The 39-year-old actress commented, "I'm a great believer in the idea of treating the individual, rather than just giving the same treatment to everyone who has the condition.

"But I don't shun conventional medicine altogether. If I broke my leg I'd go to the Accident & Emergency unit. I think conventional and alternative strands of medicine can work well with each other."

Julie has since used acupuncture and shiatsu massage to treat the asthma she has lived with since she was a child. She also favours the use of homeopathy to treat her daughters, stating that it works particularly well to rid of coughs, colds and ear infections.

"I know some people knock homeopathic medicine and say it is unscientific - but sometimes the healing process isn't all about science.

"The human body and mind can quite often heal itself with just a little help. It doesn't always take a sledgehammer to crush a nut."

Whether you stick to traditional remedies or try alternative therapies to eradicate whiplash symptoms, you may still require the assistance of personal injury solicitors to make a whiplash injury compensation claim.

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