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Woman sustains alleged whiplash injury after fall on rug

An American woman is suing a service station for more than $50,000 after claiming she tripped on a bunched-up rug, causing her serious personal injuries

Paula Dehaven of Bismarck suffered a whiplash injury as she fell at the entrance to B&J Tesoro service station in April. Her lawsuit claims the company failed to maintain its entrance, leaving a bunched-up rug to cause Ms Dehaven to fall and suffer subsequent back and neck pain.

Her attorney, Ralph Vinje said, "Due to negligence of the defendant in failing to keep its business place safe for entering and exiting customers, Paula Dehaven endured pain and suffering and required many months medical attention."

Dehaven alleges she suffered from personal injuries, including a whiplash injury and is seeking at least $15,000 for medical expenses. The hairdresser also wants $50,000 compensation for pain, suffering and inconvenience and $1,582 for lost wages. s