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An overview of whiplash injuries

Whiplash injuries are the most commonly sustained car accident injury. In fact, around 80% of those involved in car crashes will suffer the unpleasant neck injury to some degree and many of these people will go ahead and make personal injury compensation claims.

Whiplash actually describes the involuntary motion of the head and neck that occurs during a car accident, sporting accident or similar. A whiplash injury is caused by the sudden movement of the head and neck jolting in one direction and then the next, either forwards and backwards or side to side.

During this sudden movement, the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the neck contract to protect you from sustaining a more serious neck injury or spinal cord injury. This means that the neck's soft tissues are stretched outside of their natural range of motion and can result in much pain, stiffness and discomfort.

Whiplash injury symptoms
Characteristics of a whiplash injury could be physical or psychological and patients usually experience a combination of the two:

Whiplash injury diagnosis
Whiplash isn't one of the easier injuries to diagnose. However, the following factors may be considered by a medical professional when determining whether you have sustained a whiplash injury for which you can claim personal injury compensation for:

X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans and EMGs may also be used to determine the severity of a whiplash injury.

Whiplash injury treatment
There are a variety of different methods of treatment from prescriptive to holistic. Here are some of those most commonly used:

Whiplash injury compensation amounts
When considering making a personal injury compensation claim for whiplash there are many factors that may be taken into account to determine the amount of damages to which you are entitled.

Neck injury associated with incomplete paraplegia or resulting in permanent spastic quadriparesis or where the injured party, despite wearing a collar 24 hours a day for a period of years, still has little or no movement in the neck and suffers severe headaches which have proved intractable - in the region of £82,000.

Injuries which give rise to disabilities that fall short of those described above but which are of considerable severity such as permanent damage to the brachial plexus - £36,000 to £71,500.

Severe damage to soft tissues and/or ruptured tendons, resulting in significant and permanent disability. Precise award is determined by length of time during which the most serious symptoms lessen, and on prognosis - in the region of £30,000.

Fractures or dislocations which cause severe immediate symptoms and which may necessitate spinal fusion. Markedly impaired function or vulnerability to further trauma, and some limitation of activities is left - £13,500 to £18,000.

Whiplash or wrenching-type injury and disc lesion of the more severe type, resulting in cervical spondylosis, serious limitation of movement, permanent or recurring pain, stiffness or discomfort and the possible need for further surgery or increased vulnerability to further trauma - £7,500 to £13,750.

Injuries which may have exacerbated or accelerated some pre-existing unrelated condition. There will have been a complete recovery or recovery to 'nuisance' level from the effects of the accident within a few years. This compensation bracket also applies to moderate whiplash injuries where the period of recovery has been fairly protracted and where there remains an increased vulnerability to further trauma - £4,250 to £7,750.

Minor soft tissue and whiplash injuries where symptoms are moderate:

And a full recovery takes place within about two years - £2,500 to £4,250.

With a full recovery between a few weeks and a year - £750 to £2,500.

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