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An overview of arm injuries

Non-serious arm injuries are fairly common with the forearms, wrists, hands and fingers being the most affected areas. They may be caused by an accident at work, playing a sport or instrument, or simply carrying out tasks around the home. Read an overview of personal injury.

Adults are at more risk than children of sustaining arm injuries that involve fractures. The main reason for this is that we lose muscle mass and bone strength as we age. Another explanation is that adults tend to have more problems with their vision and balance, increasing their risk of accidental injury. Read more about causes of personal injury.

Types of arm injury

There are two main types of arm injury: acute traumatic injuries and overuse injuries.

Traumatic arm injury

These types of arm injury may be caused by any number of incidents including a direct blow, bending the limb abnormally or a slip and trip accident. Acute injuries may include:

Overuse injuries

These injuries are a direct result of stress being placed on a joint or other tissue. Overuse injuries to the arms may be caused by repeating the same activity or motion on a regular basis and include:

Arm injury treatment and advice

You should seek advice from a medical professional immediately after sustaining an arm injury, especially if you suspect it is serious.

Most minor arm injuries will repair naturally and treatment such as pain killers or a hot or cold compress may be recommended to relive pain and swelling. More serious injuries may require physical therapy or the use of a splint or cast to promote healing.

The precise method of treatment depends upon the following factors:

Arm injury prevention

Prevention is far better than cure. You may be able to prevent acute arm injury in the following ways:

Compensation amounts for arm injuries

Below, estimations of compensation amounts for arm amputations, other arm injuries and injuries to the elbow are outlined.

Amputation of arms

Loss of one arm

Below-elbow amputation - 52,500 to 60,000
Amputation through the forearm that causes serious organic and phantom pains or amputation of the dominant arm would justify a higher award.

Above-elbow amputation - 60,000 to 71,500
A shorter stump may cause difficulties if the use of a prosthesis is required and will therefore qualify for higher compensation. Amputation through the elbow will usually qualify for an award at the lower end.

Arm amputated at the shoulder - not less than 75,000

Loss of both arms - 132,500 to 165,000
With no recent case to use as guidance it is difficult to estimate a compensation amount.

Other arm injuries

Simple fractures of the forearm - 3,650 to 10,500
Uncomplicated fractures of the radius and/or ulna with complete recovery within a short time may receive 3,650. However, those resulting in modest residual disability or deformity would meet the criteria for a higher amount.

Less severe injury - 10,500 to 21,500
A substantial degree of recovery has taken place or is expected to take place even though significant disabilities are still experienced.

Injuries resulting in permanent and substantial disablement - 21,500 to 33,000
Severe fractures to one or both forearms resulting in considerable permanent disability, whether functional or cosmetic.

Severe injuries - 52,500 to 71,500
Serious injuries that do not require amputation but leave the injured party in a fairly helpless state.

Injuries to the elbow

Moderate or minor injury - up to 7,000
Injuries that cause no permanent damage and do not cause permanent impairment of function such as simple fractures, tennis elbow and lacerations.

Less severe injuries - 8,750 to 17,500
Injuries that cause impairment of function but do not result in the need for major surgery or substantial disability.

Severely disabling injury - 21,500 to 30,000

Making a compensation claim for an arm injury today

If you have received a personal injury through no fault of your own then you could be entitled to make a compensation claim for pain, suffering and financial loss. Read more about what you can claim for.

Our personal injury solicitors have a fantastic success rate and will talk you through each stage of the claim process, offering free legal advice and guidance.

We work on a no win, no fee basis. What this means is that, in the event your case is not successful, you won't be charged a penny. It means that making a claim is a completely risk free process - this lets you focus on getting better, not worrying about money.

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