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Questions personal injury solicitors may ask

Our personal injury solicitors are some of the most highly experienced in the UK. They have dealt with thousands of successful cases for car accident compensation, work accident compensation, medical negligence compensation, holiday accident compensation and more.

If you require the representation of expert personal injury solicitors when you make a compensation claim then they are likely to ask you some questions to determine whether you have a valid case. These questions may be similar to those listed below:

Have you reported the accident to the authorities?

For example, if you have been involved in a car accident where one or more people have sustained personal injury then it is necessary that you report this to the police. In the event that you are involved in an accident at work and are absent from work from three days or more your employer is obliged to report the work accident to the Health and Safety Executive.

Has an accident book entry been completed?

Any accident in the workplace should be recorded in an accident log book, a record kept in case evidence is needed at a later date. If you have an accident in a public place such as a shop or restaurant you may also wish to make sure that your accident is recorded in the establishment's accident book. This will come in particularly useful if you pursue a public liability compensation claim.

Did you note down the sequence of events?

It is useful if you note down what happened immediately or as soon as possible after your accident occurred. Things like exact times, dates, locations along with any other details you feel may be relevant should be written down while they are fresh in your mind. Your personal injury solicitor may be able to use such information to understand the circumstances surrounding your accident and build a stronger case in your favour.

Do you have any photographic or other physical evidence?

It is advisable to a keep disposable camera in your car in case of a car accident so that you can take photographs of the accident scene. Camera phones are extremely useful for taking photos discretely if you have an accident at work. Even if you don't have a camera to hand at the scene of the accident you could take photos of any personal injuries you sustain when you get home.

Were there any eye witnesses?

It is unusual for there not be any witnesses at all to accidents, especially ones that occur in public places. After your accident you could approach any bystanders and ask for their names and contact details. You may also find that witnesses come forward and make contact with the police.

Did you receive any health and safety training or advice?

This is especially important for people involved in accidents at work as many personal injuries are sustained as a result of inadequate health and safety training given to employees. Also, the absence of a hazard sign, such as those warning of slippery surfaces, at the scene of a slip, trip or fall in a shopping centre, for example, is a strong angle for your personal injury solicitor.

Were you provided with protective clothing or equipment?

If you had an accident while visiting a building site where a hard hat should be worn but you were not provided with one you may be in a position to make a claim. Similarly if you sustained work injuries as a result of not being provided with protective eye wear while welding or you were supplied with a faulty safety harness by an instructor while rock climbing you may also have a case.

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