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The Claims Solicitors gain certificate of authorisation

One change that may affect personal injury solicitors throughout the UK is the need for those associated with the personal injury compensation claim industry to gain authorisation as of April 2007.

The Claim Solicitors, who provide a claims management service, are proud to announce that they have received the official recognition they deserve by way of a certificate of authorisation from the Department for Constitutional Affairs.

Others in need of certification include those who refer their clients to claims management companies, such as recovery operators, and those that represent clients who pursue compensation claims, such as personal injury solicitors.

All such companies will need to be in receipt of a certificate of authorisation from 23rd April 2007, under the Compensation Act 2006. Those who are not authorised will be operating illegally after this date and will face the consequences.

However, some are exempt from the requirement of authorisation such as those who are already regulated, registered charities, not for profit advice agencies, some trade unions and small scale introducers where claims management is incidental to their main business.

The introduction of authorisation to the industry will be of great advantage to people injured in non-fault accidents as they will be able to seek the compensation that they rightly deserve through an accredited claims management company, under the representation of fully authorised personal injury solicitors.

Claims companies and the like who do not receive certification will be exposed as unscrupulous money grabbers and 'ambulance chasers' who exploit the misfortune of others and will be forced to close down businesses overnight or face legal action.

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