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Personal injury resulting from product liability

We had a call from the mother of a seven-year-old boy from Surrey who wanted to make a product liability claim after her son received personal injuries. She told us how he was temporarily blinded after having face paints applied at his best friend's birthday party.

It had been arranged that a clown would entertain the children while they had their faces painted and played circus themed games. The birthday boy and his best friend were first up to have their faces painted as pirates. One of the parents was applying the final touches to his pirate look when suddenly the little boy's face turned scarlet and he began to cry, saying through his tears that his face was very hot and itchy.

The birthday boy's father rushed the injured child into the bathroom and splashed his face with cool water in attempt to remove the face paints. But it was too late, his face had begun to blister and his left eye, where he had a patch painted, had swollen up.

Concerned that an ambulance would take too long to arrive, the man instructed his wife to call the boy's parents, bundled the child into the back of his car and took him to A&E. By this time the boy could not see out of his left eye at all.

Dermatologists advised that it was likely that the boy was allergic to the face-paint but it could have contained irritants which should not have been used in a product designed to be applied to children's faces. They also said that it could take as much as a month before he would fully regain his sight.

His mother decided that she would like to make a product liability claim for her son's personal injuries on his behalf and contacted our claim advisors via email. We called her back and said that it sounded as though she had a good case for no win no fee personal injury compensation.

The woman was awarded 5,800 for her son's temporary impairment of vision which went into a trust fund and she also received 400 to cover the costs of medical treatment that he underwent. Read more about making a claim on behalf of a child.

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