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Personal injury claim following dog bite incident

In April 2005 we received a phone call from the father of a boy who wanted to make a personal injury claim after his son sustained a serious dog bite wound when out playing.

The man told us how the 10-year-old boy was playing football at the local park with his brothers one Saturday afternoon when a dog, which had escaped from its lead, came bounding towards him.

The dog, baring its teeth, suddenly knocked the boy off his feet and pushed him to the floor. When the boy attempted to struggle free and stand up, the dog bit his face, causing lacerations which left significant residual scarring to the cheeks and nose.

After a short stay in hospital, where he had a thorough examination and his wounds were cleaned and dressed, the boy returned home to his family.

This was not the first time that this dog had attacked and the boy's father was advised that he had good grounds to pursue a personal injury compensation claim against the dog's owner on behalf of his son. So he enlisted the help of The Claim Solicitors, as he had heard of our fantastic success rate.

The boy was soon awarded 10,000 for his facial injury, which was put into a trust fund until he reaches 18 years of age, and additional funds to cover the cost of his medical treatment. Read more about making a claim on behalf of a child.

How you too can make a personal injury claim today
If you, or someone close to you, have sustained personal injury in an accident at work, a car accident or any other accident that wasn't your fault then you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Along with a panel of Law Society-approved personal injury solicitors we have helped thousands of people who have been involved in non-fault accidents to claim compensation for pain, suffering, lost earnings, medical expenses and more.

The personal injury solicitor that we appoint to you will talk you through each stage of the claims process and offer you free legal advice along the way.

Working under a no win no fee policy, we guarantee that you will not have to pay your solicitor's fees in the event that your claim is unsuccessful.  It means that making a claim is a completely risk-free process - this lets you focus on getting better, not worrying about money.

So go ahead and make a compensation claim through us today. Make a request for a call back so our claim advisors can contact you at the time that is most convenient for you or fill out one of our online claim forms with the details of your accident and personal injury.

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