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Personal injury and the law - The rise of no win no fee

The abolition of legal aid for personal injury cases

Personal injury and the law

Until 2000 legal aid was available to most people who sought to claim personal injury compensation, depending on their income and capital.

If you had suffered a personal injury or illness through no fault of your own then it was possible to appoint the personal injury solicitor of your choice. They would then apply for legal aid on your behalf which would cover their legal fees.

However, this government-funded scheme was abolished for most personal injury cases with exceptions including medical negligence claims. The reason behind this change in law was chiefly because legal aid for personal injury claims was a huge financial risk that was continuously eating away at public funds.

Therefore, this financial risk was passed on to the legal profession who had to devise a fair system that allows everyone, regardless of their pay packet, to pursue personal injury compensation claims.

No win no fee personal injury claims

Conditional fees or no win no fee policies are now used by most of the personal injury industry. No win no fee essentially means that your personal injury solicitor will only receive their fees if your claim is successful.  Making a no win, no fee claim with us is totally risk-free.

Personal injury claims as a civil and legal right

There has been speculation in the media that we are turning into a 'compensation culture' but that simply isn't the case. Since the abolition of legal aid there has been a focus on personal injury cases in the media and an increase in competition amongst personal injury solicitors, but this doesn't mean that there are more people making claims for pure financial gain.

If you have suffered a personal injury as the result of a criminal attack, an accident at work or an illness through clinical negligence then it is your civil and legal right to claim compensation for damages. Read more about scenarios in which a personal injury may occur.

Compensation can help you to pay for any medical help or treatment that you require, replace lost earnings, fund any adaptations you need to make to your lifestyle and generally help you to rebuild your life. Read more about making personal injury claims and your entitlements.

People should not feel ashamed of making personal injury claims but should hold up their heads and fight for what they are legally entitled to.

Personal injury claims reduce public costs

Seeking compensation from the person or organisation that has caused you to suffer is the best avenue to take for two reasons.

Firstly, by receiving compensation from the body accountable for your injury you should receive a substantial amount that will take the strain off public resources. There is only so much government money that can be spent on services and benefits to aid those with personal injuries and the quicker these resources are used up, the quicker they need to be replaced, which will mean a rise in taxes.

It also means that you should receive a larger amount than offered by public resources in a lump sum that could be used for larger projects such as modifications to your home.

Secondly, by tackling the issue head on you may save others from suffering similar personal injuries. That is, making the body responsible for your injury realise that they have caused you pain and suffering may prompt them to make changes to their staffing, practices or health and safety procedures.

You will also encourage others that have suffered similar personal injuries to step forward and make their own claims.

Making a no win no fee personal injury claim today

We specialise in personal injury law and are at hand to provide you with free legal advice. We will even talk you through each stage of your claim in plain English to guarantee a hassle free process.

Our claim team are here 24-hours a day to deal with your claim so call us today on 0800 197 32 32.