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When you make a claim through The Claim Solicitors, you can rest assured that whatever the personal injury you are claiming for, we are here to help. Whether you wish to make a whiplash injury claim or a claim for a traumatic brain injury, our personal injury claim solicitors will help you gain the most compensation available.

Some of our personal injury solicitors are experts when it comes to catastrophic injuries, which are so called because they have an enormous impact on the lives of the people who suffer them. Catastrophic injuries include neurological disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, nerves or muscles. Types of catastrophic injury are as follows:

Traumatic head injury

Approximately one million people receive head injury treatment each year in the UK and as many as 12,000 of these may be serious. Even though the brain is covered by the skull it is not unusual for the brain to become bruised if it bumps against the inside of the skull. This can cause bleeding, swelling or a build up of fluid, put tremendous pressure on the brain and lead to brain damage or a traumatic head injury.

Spinal cord injury

This is damage or trauma to the neural elements in the spinal cord, the major column of nerve tissue that is connected to the brain. This can lead to a loss or impaired function causing reduced mobility or feeling and bladder/bowel dysfunction. Many spinal cord injuries are sustained in falls from height and road accidents including motorcycle accidents and car accidents.

Severe burns

If third degree burn injuries are suffered in a fire accident, then muscle and ligament damage could be experienced as well as tissue damage to the skin, which will greatly reduce mobility. Serious psychological personal injuries that have an impact on you both professionally and socially are also likely.

Multiple bone fractures 

Involvement in a road accident or work accident that results in crush injuries could lead to you sustaining multiple bone fractures. Broken bones take a while to heal and more than one broken bone will slow down the whole process as your body will be fighting harder to recover.

If you have sustained brain damage, a spinal cord injury or any other catastrophic injury in a non-fault accident then our personal injury claim solicitors will help you to claim the compensation that you deserve on a no win no fee basis.

We know a personal injury claim solicitor that can help
Whether you or someone close to you has sustained a catastrophic injury, contact us today and we will assess whether you are eligible to make a compensation claim. If so, we can instruct one of our expert personal injury claim solicitors to commence representation on your case.

We can help you to claim for pain, suffering, distress, the cost of ongoing care, adjustments to your home and lost earnings for you or your carer.

We offer a no win, no fee service, which means that, if your claim is unsuccessful, you don't have to pay a penny. It means making a claim is a totally risk free process.

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