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A car accident personal injury can cause osteoarthritis and ruin your spine

Some physical side effects from a car accident personal injury can go undetected for some time, including osteoarthritis. Like whiplash, symptoms may not immediately appear and when they do, they can be extremely painful.

Osteoarthritis from a car accident can ruin your spine and posture, creating a hump- like appearance and causing discs in your spine to degenerate. Scar tissue can also be created leading to chronic stiffness and an inability to move properly. Mobility functionality is therefore also decreased.

Many doctors are not trained to inspect the body for an osteoarthritis personal injury after a car accident and do not have a good knowledge of human body biomechanics.

Traumatic injury of the thoracic spine can lead to alteration of ligaments, tendons and bone resulting in physical changes to the body structure and to the blood flow in the intevertebral discs.

If the intervetebral discs in the back are affected by a traumatic personal injury their 'cushioning' ability will decrease. Thoracic vertebrae are more likely to grind against one another, with increases in pain and stiffness. As time goes on, structural changes brought about by a personal injury affecting the neck and back can also shift to other parts of the spine.

What is osteoarthritis?
Osteoarthritis relates to degenerative changes in the bone and cartilage of one or more joints and a wearing down of joint surfaces resulting in a distortion of joint positioning.

Normally associated with old age, osteoarthritis can be "triggered" by various physical factors including sudden and forceful impact like a car accident.

If joints are exposed to a continuing period of trauma like strenuous exercise, weak muscles and factors like old age, the result can be severe low back or leg pain.

The spine becomes less flexible with osteoarthritis and can become more vulnerable to a personal injury. Read more about osteoarthritis at

Car accident compensation claim
If you have just had a car accident, The Claim Solicitors know that the experience can leave you shaken and upset. You may have felt that your personal injuries weren't too serious, and that a compensation claim was therefore unnecessary.

To receive adequate compensation for physical personal injuries sustained during a car accident, you need the expertise of personal injury advisors. Our team have extensive experience in this field of litigation and we will help you get the damages you are entitled to on a no win no fee basis, meaning that it comes completely risk free to you.

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