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MOD compensation for British soldiers may increase

British soldiers who suffered personal injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan could now receive compensation payouts of up to 500,000.

The changes took place after the Ministry of Defence (MOD) amended its personal injury claims compensation scheme. Injuries from people other than enemy combatants may now be considered for claims relating to civilian riots or criminal acts (for between 1000 and 50,000).

It was felt the changes were necessary to accommodate the situations that many British soldiers now find themelves in. Soldiers injured while managing riots or through occasional violent acts like being struck by stones thrown at them by young people could now be entitled to personal injury compensation.

An MOD spokesman said: "We recognise that not everyone who might attack service personnel in Iraq is an insurgent. In the past we wouldn't have considered it. What we are trying to do is update our thinking on it.

"If you are engaged in deliberate operations against an enemy and if a roadside bomb injures you it's hard to see how anyone could claim. But we now recognise that the situation in Basra has shifted. Not everyone attacking us is an enemy, they might be angry locals."

The personal injury compensation amendments follow expressions of commitment by Tony Blair earlier this year that British forces will be provided with whatever resources they need, including equipment and vehicles to cope with military situations they experience.