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Mesothelioma sufferers welcome proposal

People suffering from the asbestos-related illnesses mesothelioma could receive a lump sum of personal injury compensation if a new proposal laid out by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, John Hutton, is carried out.

At the present time, people suffering from mesothelioma as a result of exposure at work, are the only group of people who have been eligible to claim a sum of injury compensation from the state.

The new proposals would mean that a number of people who have contracted the industrial disease from other sources would also receive financial support within six weeks. People who are now also able to claim personal injury compensation from the state include:

John Hutton commented on the proposals for a new compensation payout scheme and said, "No amount of money will ever make up for the suffering and loss to individuals and families caused by mesothelioma.

"But no one should have to worry that their family will have to wait years before they see a penny of compensation. Especially as in many cases people do not have years to wait.

"That's why we're committed to ensuring that everyone with mesothelioma can receive compensation, irrespective of their employment history. This legislation would mean that once diagnosed, every sufferer should receive a substantial payment within six weeks of making a claim."

Proposals for personal injury compensation could see that thousands of mesothelioma sufferers receive payments as early as next year.