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no win no fee, personal injury claim

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Make a personal injury claim following medical negligence

Cases of medical negligence reported in the media are becoming all the more commonplace and The Claim Solicitors are beginning to see more and more successful personal injury claims being made following instances of medical negligence.

There are many different scenarios in which medical professionals or organisations may be negligent in their duty of care, some of which are discussed below:

Orthopaedic negligence
Orthopaedic care refers to the prevention or correction of personal injuries or disease of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints and ligaments. It has been estimated that orthopaedic negligence is as a many as two or three times more likely than medical negligence at the hands of an average doctor. The main reason for this is the complex nature of procedures such as joint replacement.

Accident and emergency negligence
Have you ever been to an accident and emergency department on a Saturday night? These place are busy with a capital B and stress can easily breed sloppy workmanship. Personal injury solicitors have been called to take on many personal injury claim cases resulting from failed diagnosis and inappropriate and unsatisfactory treatment resulting from negligence in accident and emergency departments.

Birth injuries
Birth injuries can affect the lives of both mothers and their newborn children. Despite there being around 700,000 successful births carried out in the UK every year, around seven in every 100 births result in birth injury owing to medical negligence. The most common types of birth injury compensation claims reported in the UK headlines today include cases for Erb's palsy, cerebral palsy and brachial plexus injury.

A misdiagnosis may mean that a patient is told that they have a disease that they do not have and they undergo gruelling treatment for it or that they are not diagnosed with an illness that they do have and miss out on valuable treatment time. One of the most common illnesses to misdiagnose is cancer, specifically ovarian cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. This can have devastating consequences because in most cases the quicker cancer is detected the quicker treatment can commence and the more chance a patient has of survival.

Surgical errors
Considering the skill and training that goes into becoming a surgeon, you would hope that errors would be left in medical school. However, on the contrary, a survey has shown that around 50% of all medical negligence can be attributed to surgical errors. These include patients being given the wrong dose of anaesthetics, objects being left in the body and the wrong parts of the body being operated on. Many successful personal injury claims have been made as a result and have cost the health authorities millions.

Cosmetic surgery
In many cases cosmetic surgery is a matter of choice rather than necessity but mistakes still occur. A major reason for this is an abundance of under-qualified doctors providing otherwise expensive surgery at a reduced price. One case was reported where a woman who was to undergo liposuction was instead pumped full of fat, needless to day that was not the look she was going for. In most cases infections and scarring as a result of inadequate post operative care result in personal injury claims for compensation being made.

Make a no win no fee personal injury claim for medical negligence
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We can help you to make a personal injury claim for pain, suffering, lost earnings, medical expenses such as prescriptions and the cost of ongoing care, all under the no win no fee agreement.

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