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Making personal injury claims - Your entitlements

Following a non-fault personal injury you may be entitled to make a compensation claim for the injury and any financial losses suffered as a result. Read more about scenarios in which a personal injury may occur.

As well as causing substantial pain, suffering and psychological distress, a personal injury can incur many other inconveniences and costs that you may wish to claim back.

Your eligibility to make a personal injury claim and its resulting success will usually depend on the following:

No matter whether you have suffered a minor personal injury such as a sprained ankle or a catastrophic injury such as brain damage, we are here to help. Read more about types of personal injury.

As personal injury specialists, we recover more than 10 million in personal injury compensation for our clients every year as we want you to have the means to start rebuilding your life as soon as you feel ready.

What can I claim for?

When making a personal injury claim there are two types of damages that you can claim for: general and special.

General damages

General damages resulting from personal injuries usually relate to the injury itself and include:

Special damages

Claims for special damages may comprise:

Making a personal injury claim today

To make a no win no fee personal injury claim without delay fill out one of our online assessment forms and we will call you back at a convenient time. Read more about no win no fee.

Alternatively, call our friendly 24-hour claim team for further details about your legal entitlement to personal injury compensation.

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