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Fancy taking your family for a drink at your local? You could end up with more than a hangover and have to make a personal injury compensation claim.

Did you realise that of all the pubs and bars in the UK as many as 50% have doors and windows fitted with the wrong type of glass? Many establishments are opting for regular glass as opposed to building regulation safety glass mainly because it costs a lot less.

Children are at particular risk of sustaining personal injury from non-regulation glass. Many illegal panes are fitted at a height of just 80cm at which small children could easily suffer trips and falls.

In 50% of instances a child that falls into a window would simply gain a bang on the head and bounce off the glass which would stay intact. However, a child that falls into a window that has not been fitted with safety glass is at serious risk of going straight through the window and suffering serious personal injury.

There are two reasons why establishments may be fitted with the wrong glass: they have either been fitted by 'cowboys' who knowingly do a shoddy job and put patrons at risk or have been done by window fitters who are just plain ignorant about the regulations surrounding installation of windows and doors.

According to the UK's Building Regulations, windows must comply with rules laid out in the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme, a combined government and industry self assessment scheme that applies to levels of insulation as well as to the quality of glass and frames.

When glass is fitted by non-Fensa members it should be checked and assessed by the local authority. It is the responsibility of the building owner to organise this and unfortunately many are either unaware or do not bother and put themselves at serious risk of being pursued by personal injury solicitors.

In the event that a member of the public sustains personal injury as a result of you not having safety windows fitted in your building you could face having a costly personal injury compensation claim made against you. Even if non-regulation glass is 70% cheaper than the glass your windows should be fitted with, it isn't worth risking your customers' safety, devaluing your property, and losing your business just for the sake of cutting corners.

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