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A look at the Claims Standards Council

The Claims Standards Council was set up to represent the interests of the claims management industry to the Government, the legal sector and the insurance industry by providing a forum for discussion about personal injury issues.

What does the CSC do?
The CSC provides claim management services in relation to claims for personal injury, employment, housing, criminal injuries and compensation for mis-selling of financial products.

It ensures that customers and consumers are dealt with on the basis of decency, probity and fairness. Members are drawn from insurance underwriters, solicitors and barristers, claims managers and the medical profession. The CSC achieves this by vetting individuals and ensuring members comply with a claims handling procedure.

At the moment, the CSC is waiting for approval of its code of practice under the Office of Fair Trading (OFT)'s Consumer Codes Approval Scheme. Approval will only be given when the OFT is satisfied with the code of practice and the working application of it.


And what about the Office of Fair Trading (OFT)?
The office of fair trading (OFT) aims to enforce consumer protection law and competition law, including the abuse of market power.

The OFT's goal is to make markets work well for consumers, which happens when there is vigorous competition between fair-dealing businesses. When markets work well, good businesses flourish.

The OFT will communicate clearly to show how competitive markets that work well are important for consumers, fair dealing businesses and economic performance.

Also, they promote compliance by explaining to business what the law is and how the Office of Fair Trading should apply it. The OFT will evaluate its own performance and be accountable to Parliament and the public.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) must work closely together to improve the way we deal with jointly regulated companies.

Read more about the OFT at

The number of personal injury claims are increasing in the UK, as EU regulations clamp down on employers cutting corners and force organisations to protect workers and ensure health and safety measures are adhered to.

The Claims Standard Council, along with other organisations, help to keep the discussion open about claims regulation and ensure that EU standards are fully understood to protect your rights.

Making a personal injury claim
If you want to make an accident compensation claim after suffering a personal injury through no fault of your own, The Claim Solicitors are here to help.

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The personal injury solicitor that deals with your case will be an expert in their field and we'll make every effort to make sure they're based in a town or city close to you.

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