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Personal injury case studies

Military accident case study

Our personal injury solicitors help a man who sustained injury in a military accident to make a successful no win no fee compensation claim.

Sports accident case study

A former rugby professional gained almost 100,000 in personal injury compensation when he made a claim through us following a sporting accident.

Industrial illness case study

A personal injury solicitor associated with The Claims Solicitors helped the family of a former dock worker to gain the compensation they rightly deserved.

Dog bite case study

The father of a boy who suffered dog bite wounds made a successful personal injury claim on his son's behalf through The Claim Solicitors.

Public liability case study

We helped a woman from Cambridgeshire to win 9,000 personal injury compensation after she slipped and hurt herself in her local supermarket.

Medical negligence case study

The Claim Solicitors helped an elderly woman from London to gain compensation following an act of medical negligence at a London hospital.

Workplace injury case study

With the help of The Claim Solicitors, the personal injury experts, an office worker from Manchester received more than 7,000 in injury compensation.

Motorcycle accident case study

How The Claim Solicitors helped a young woman to receive 41,000 in compensation after a motorcycle accident left her with serious personal injuries.

Product liability case study

How the mother of a boy who suffered personal injuries from face paints made a product liability claim and received over 6,000 in compensation.

Common accidents that cause personal injuries

Case studies of an accident at work, medical negligence and other successful personal injury cases that The Claim Solicitors have dealt with.