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When choosing a personal injury solicitor to represent you in a compensation claim, you have to be certain that they have extensive relevant experience and are highly successful in their field in order to maximise your chances of success.

Personal injury specialists, Hill and Abbott, are approved by prestigious legal organisations such as the Law Society. The Law Society is essentially the regulatory and representative body for more than 116,000 solicitors in England and Wales including those that specialise in personal injury law.

The Law Society follows a strict code of conduct and considers the following to be their public responsibilities:

The development of the Law Society

A need to raise the reputation of the legal profession by setting standards and ensuring good practice was recognised as far back as 1823. Eventually, 'The Society of Attorneys, Solicitors, Proctors and others not being Barristers, practicing in the Courts of Law and Equity of the United Kingdom' came about. In 1903 the official name was changed to the Law Society for obvious reasons.

Aims of the Law Society

2001 saw the introduction of the Law Society's mission statement:

The Law Society will strive to guarantee:

The main aim of the Law Society is to endorse solicitors who demonstrate proficiency and excellent standards of practice, allowing you to select the personal injury solicitor considered most qualified to deal with your case.

Representation and Regulation

When considering representation, the Law Society negotiates fair rates of pay for solicitors undertaking publicly-funded work.

Regulation is also integral to the profession since solicitors provide advice on highly important matters and are in a position of enormous trust. Therefore, the Law Society ensures that solicitors are proficient, independent, efficient and courteous at all times.

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