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An overview of foot injuries

As many of us spend so much time on our feet, personal injuries to the feet are fairly commonplace. Fractures, sprains, dislocations and infections of the foot are among the most regular injuries suffered.

Foot injuries usually take a considerable amount of time to heal and those that spend a substantial amount of time standing such as bar workers, chefs and shop workers may find the suffering and inconvenience particularly prominent.

Some serious foot injuries, although painful, are difficult to detect. There is an old myth which states that a bone can't be broken if you can still move it but most people are still able to walk after sustaining small chip or fractures to the foot or toe and this is the reason why such foot injuries go untreated.

Foot injury types
There are many personal injuries that affect the feet, including the toe and heel areas. Here are some examples of such injuries:

Foot injury treatment advice
It can take as long as six weeks for a foot injury to heal and it is advised that those suffering from a foot injury follow these guidelines in order to give it the best and speediest chance of recovery:

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Foot injuries

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Making a personal injury compensation claim today
If you have suffered a personal injury in an accident at work, car accident, or any other accident that wasn't your fault then we may be able to help.

We have a wealth of experience at handling a variety of personal injury claims, from foot injuries to head injuries, and we also have an excellent claim success rate.

We work on a no win, no fee basis. What this means is that, in the event your case is not successful, you won't be charged a penny. It means that making a claim is a completely risk free process - this lets you focus on getting better, not worrying about money.

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