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A successful no win no fee claim for a stray livestock car accident

We received a telephone call from a female driver who suffered serious neck injuries after she was involved in a road traffic accident in the Midlands. With the help of our personal injury solicitors, she was hoping to make a no win no fee claim and told us that the accident occurred after a stray cow suddenly appeared on the road as she turned a sharp bend.

The woman, who was a self-employed beautician, told one of our claims advisors that she had been forced to take four weeks off work after sustaining whiplash injuries in the crash and subsequently lost a large sum of income during that period. On the day on the motor accident, the woman said she was travelling to visit a regular client who was getting married the following month and wanted to discuss possible hairstyles and make-up for the event.

She was driving her Ford Fiesta along a country lane near Alford in Lincolnshire when she turned a bend and found a cow standing directly in her path. She put her foot on the brakes and veered the vehicle to the side of the animal which caused her hit a lamppost. The cow ran off down the road and disappeared but fortunately a passer-by witnessed the accident and called for an ambulance.

The woman was taken to hospital and treated for serious neck injuries; she was told to go home and rest her injury for four weeks. Whilst at home she decided to research the internet for road traffic accidents involving livestock. She knew that if she wanted to make a no win no fee claim for a car accident involving another vehicle that the claim would be made against the driver of the other car, but she was unsure who would she would make a claim against in this instance.

After some research she discovered that the person responsible for the crash was the cow's owner and that there was in fact a farm close by to where the accident happened. She then decided to look for reputable companies on the internet who handled no win no fee compensation claims, which is where she found our website, The Claim Solicitors.

She completed an online assessment form and one or our claims advisors called her back later that day when she was available to discuss the claim. Our advisor confirmed that her research was correct and that the farmer who owned the cow would be responsible for the car accident as any owner of livestock has a duty to make sure that their animals are kept in secure confinement. We said that we would be able to take on her no win no fee claim and passed on the file to one of our experienced personal injury solicitors who then dealt with every aspect of the case from that moment on.

The only thing the woman was required to do was to visit an independent medical expert who would be able to confirm the level of her personal injuries. Her solicitor contacted the farmer and his solicitor and requested they pay compensation for the woman's car accident injuries and subsequent loss of earnings. The farmer admitted liability for the car crash but was not willing to pay the level of compensation requested. Our solicitor stood his ground and bargained with the farmer's solicitors for several weeks until they accepted to pay the requested level of damages.

After just six months, the woman was awarded £4,500 which included £3,500 for her neck injury and £1,000 for her loss of earnings over the four week period that she was recovering at home. She was very impressed with the way The Claim Solicitors handled her case.

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