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You could need to make a compensation claim after a walk in the park

Did you ever consider that just taking a leisurely walk in the park or to the local shop could end up in grounds for you making a no win, no fee compensation claim against the local authorities?

The ever-increasing amount of cars leading to an ever-increasing rise in car accident rates presents the roads as a danger but have you ever thought of the pavement or a tree as a direct threat to your safety? Well, according to accident statistics, trees, lampposts, pavements and alike all pose a risk of causing personal injury.

The Claim Solicitors receive many compensation claims from people who have suffered serious personal injury after a trip, slip and fall on public property. Many of these cases are successful where the authority responsible for the pavement or walkway (usually the local council) have failed to repair uneven or broken paving slabs and a member of the public has suffered the results.

It seems that as far as local councils are concerned, once bitten twice shy. In fear of a compensation claim, one council posted signs warning local residents of perilous trees. The sign warned people to take care when close to the tree because, in light of seasonality, the tree was likely to drop pears that could cause personal injury. Quite frankly, the last thing you want after a walk in the park is to go home and have to nurse a painful head injury just as the last thing this local council wanted was a costly compensation claim made against them.

Our compensation solicitors helped a nineteen-year-old girl who sustained serious burn injuries to her hand from a lamppost to make a no win no fee public liability claim. She told us how she had simply leant on the lamppost for a matter of seconds when it short-circuited and a volt of electricity was passed through her hand and the rest of her body.

The electrocution meant that the girl had to spend several days in hospital recovering but when she was discharged with a severely damaged hand she decided to make a compensation claim against the electricity board responsible for her injuries. Her case was a success with the help of our personal injury solicitors and she put her compensation award towards helping her through university.

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We could help you too to make a no win no fee compensation claim for damages.

Our personal injury solicitors have a fantastic success rate and we could help you to gain the personal injury compensation that you rightly deserve for public liability accidents, work accidents, asbestosis, medical negligence and under plenty of other circumstances.

Thereís no risk when it comes to making a claim with us, as our expert solicitors work on a no win, no fee basis. This means that in the event your claim is unsuccessful, you wonít face any legal fees. Thatís what no win, no fee is all about.

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