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No win no fee claim success in Llandudno

If you have been hurt in a non-fault accident then we might be able to help you gain personal injury compensation on a no win no fee basis like we have helped thousands of others, including a 31-year-old woman from Llandudno.

While out Christmas shopping during November 2004, our customer received serious personal injuries in a public liability accident in a local shopping centre. She had been ambling around taking note of possible gifts for friends and family for three hours and decided that it was time to refuel. She went to the shopping centre's food hall and ordered a coffee and a Danish pastry then looked around for a free table.

When walking towards an empty space located at the back of the food hall she slipped on a wet patch which was not marked clearly with a caution sign. As she fell onto the floor's hard surface the coffee, which was freshly brewed and very hot landed all over her bare arm. She immediately felt the scolding liquid penetrate her skin and also felt an agonising pain shoot through her hip area.

There was a crowd standing around her and a young man tried to help her stand but the pain was too much for her so the manager of the food hall called an ambulance which arrived within half an hour.

She was treated for her burn injuries, which fortunately were only minor, and was told that she had definitely bruised her hip bone but would be sent for an X-ray to rule out a broken bone. The scan did in fact reveal that she had sustained a fracture to her hip but that it wouldn't require surgery and risk of permanent disability was not great. However, the young woman was told that she would have to take at least a month off work as a PE teacher to recover from her personal injuries.

A friend advised that she should make a public liability compensation claim against the shopping centre. She had heard about the no win no fee agreement, assured by her friend that she would not have to pay any fees if she lost her claim and said that she had also heard of a company called The Claim Solicitors who boasted a fantastic success rate. The young woman decided she had nothing to lose and gave us a call. Our claim advisors explained the no win no fee claim process further and agreed to take on her case. Read more about what no win no fee is.

It is unusual for the cases that we represent to go to court but on this occasion the shopping centre where the accident occurred were not accepting full liability for our client's personal injuries and the case had to be taken further.

The court heard how this particular shopping centre had been faced with other charges of health and safety neglect, including a serious incident involving an unsafe escalator. The personal injury solicitor that we appointed to the case fought to get our client maximum compensation on a no win no fee basis. In the end the evidence was so clearly against the shop that the judge ruled they pay our client a total of 10,500 in compensation, for both general and special damages.

How you can also make a no win no fee claim
If you have been involved in an accident at work, a road accident or a public liability accident as described above and you think that you are entitled to personal injury compensation then get in contact with us today.

We have helped many just like you to gain the compensation that they deserve on a no win no fee basis.

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