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A successful no win no fee product liability claim scenario

A 46-year old woman from Carlisle contacted us to make a no win no fee compensation claim for the personal injuries she sustained when her toaster malfunctioned and blew up in her face.

She told us how she was making her son's breakfast when the toaster, which she had only had for three weeks, started to make a sizzling sound. She was laying the table in the dining room but when she returned to the kitchen to see what was making such a noise, the toaster also started to spark.

Unsure what she should do, she thought that if she didn't turn the implement off it may cause a fire. So she carefully leaned over the toaster and turned it off at the mains, but at this point the toaster exploded.

The woman cried out and her husband rushed to her side to see that she had sustained burn injuries to her face, left hand and arm. He called for an ambulance, applied a cold compress to her burns and tried to keep her calm until the emergency services arrived.

She was taken to her local accident and emergency department and attended to by a doctor who gave her some pain relief as her skin had become very red, swollen and blistered by this time.

She was then seen by a burns specialist who told her that she had sustained second degree burns which had damaged the first two layers of her skin. He warned her that she may experience some scarring and tightness of the skin and enquired how she had sustained these personal injuries. When she replied that her new toaster had blown up he suggested that she contact the manufacturer.

When she returned home, the woman took the specialist's advice and contacted the company. She was passed from pillar to post and when she eventually did get to speak with someone in authority she was told that: "It was probably a problem with her household electrical system and nothing to do with them".

The couple knew that the cause of the toaster explosion was unlikely to be caused by their electrics as they had only recently had them checked and they wondered what action that they could take next. A few days later, they caught the tail-end of a news report about faulty electrical products that were being recalled by their manufacturers as they had caused numerous personal injuries to consumers and were leading to numerous product liability compensation claims.

This gave the husband an idea and he set about finding a credible personal injury firm that would help his wife to gain the compensation that was rightfully hers. He came across YouClaim on the internet and gave us a call. He explained what had happened to his wife and asked about our no win no fee service.

We told him that no win no fee simply means that his wife would not be responsible for paying her solicitor's fees if her claim was unsuccessful.

He was impressed and passed the phone over to his wife so that we could talk to her. We agreed to take on her case and she was soon awarded 6,200 in an-out-of-court settlement by the manufacturer of the toaster who admitted liability for the personal injuries that she had sustained.

How to make a no win no fee compensation claim
If you have sustained personal injuries as a result of a faulty product, car accident, work accident, or in any other circumstances that weren't your fault, then you should consider making a no win no fee compensation claim through The Claim Solicitors.

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