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No win no fee motorcycle accident claim success story

A twenty-four-year-old advertising executive from London contacted us to make a no win no fee compensation claim after he sustained serious personal injuries in a motorcycle accident in January 2004.

The young man was travelling home along the motorway on a wet, dark evening when the motorcycle accident occurred. He was travelling within the speed limit and had increased the stopping distance between himself and the car in front according to the weather.

However, a car saw an opportunity to slip into the gap that the motorcyclist had made but the driver underestimated the size of the gap and as he pulled in the motorcyclist was forced to swerve to avoid a collision. As the road was slippery the motorcyclist lost control and his bike became unbalanced.

The motorcyclist was thrown to the floor and became trapped under the motorcycle which was still skidding into the lane opposite. The traffic came to a sudden halt and fortunately he was not hit by a car. Eventually, he managed to untangle himself and escape from under the bike but this wasn't easy as he was already badly hurt by this time.

A driver from the lane into which the motorcyclist had landed called for an ambulance and stayed with him until it arrived. There were plenty of witnesses to the road accident who were glad to help the police with their enquiries.

The motorcyclist was rushed to hospital and stayed there for three weeks recovering from injuries to his left arm and leg, including a fractured radius, a broken fibula and severe road burn. While in recovery, a neighbouring patient recommended that he make a compensation claim and when he returned home the young man gave our claim advisors a call.

He disclosed all the details of the motorcycle accident and after assessing his claim, we accepted his case on a no win no fee basis. We explained that he would not have to pay our fees in the unlikely event that his claim was unsuccessful.

The young motorcyclist was awarded 12,500 for the pain and distress that he suffered, the earnings that he had lost and the damage to his motorcycle and leathers, within a matter of months.

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