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A no win no fee medical negligence claim success story

In 2004, a 27-year-old lady from Manchester went to see her dentist complaining of a severe toothache in one of the molars in her upper jaw. She had been suffering with the pain for several weeks and during that time it had not got any better.

After inspecting her mouth, the dentist told her that the pain was likely to be due to her wisdom teeth coming through and that it would probably go away in time.

Unfortunately, the pain did not subside. The woman, who was a newly-qualified teacher, had to take several days off work, causing her to miss an important training day. Her first few weeks of teaching were severely affected by the toothache, which plagued her for almost a month before she went back to her dentist.

He again told the woman that her tooth pain was related to her wisdom teeth and that nothing could be done. She left the surgery feeling quite upset at his dismissive treatment and decided to make an appointment with another dentist in her area to get a second opinion because her toothache was worsening and becoming unbearable.

When she was examined by her new dentist, he immediately picked up on a crack in the tooth that was causing her pain. As he investigated further, he found that a shard from the tooth had penetrated her gum and had caused some quite serious damage to the area.

Because the condition had been left untreated for several weeks, the dentist was unable to save her tooth and it was removed. After a course of antibiotics to stop an abscess which had begun to form, as well as some further dental work on the surrounding area, the woman felt much better.

However, she felt that her original dentist had not treated her dental problem properly and decided to make a medical negligence claim against him. She wished to get compensation for the money she had spent on additional dental treatment, as well as the weeks of suffering that she endured because of the slow treatment.

She found The Claim Solicitors' website, saw that we worked on a no win no fee basis and decided to give us a call. Read an overview of no win no fee.

She explained the grounds for her potential medical negligence claim and asked if we would be able to help her. After assessing her case, our personal injury solicitors agreed to take it on under a no win, no fee agreement. Read more about no win no fee and medical negligence.

The mistake made by the dentist was quickly admitted following involvement by our expert legal team and seven months on, we were able to secure 1,800 in dental negligence compensation for the young teacher.

She was very pleased with the result of the no win no fee claim and said that she would recommend our service to anyone.

Claiming no win no fee compensation with The Claim Solicitors
If you have suffered a personal injury, whether through medical negligence, a car accident or any other circumstances, and it was not your fault, you could have grounds for a compensation claim.

Our personal injury solicitors all work on a no win no fee basis. There is no risk when it comes to making a claim with us.  In the event that your claim is unsuccessful, you won't face any legal fees.  That's what no win, no fee is all about.

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