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A no win no fee and personal injury law jargon buster

After-the-event insurance - a policy, taken out after an accident has occurred, to cover disbursements and the need to personally pay your opponent's legal bill if you lose your case.

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) - a non-profit organisation which provides official recognition to solicitors, who specialise in personal injury law.

Before-the-event insurance - a policy that is taken out before your accident occurs such as legal expenses insurance provided on your home or motor insurance. It will cover you for your solicitor's fees and expenses, costs for experts, court fees and your opponent's legal costs.

Compensation - this is a financial award received by claimants after negligence has been proven to recompense them for a range of things including: pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost past and future earnings and lost or damaged valuables.

Conditional fee agreement - the formal term for a no win no fee agreement where a solicitor takes on a personal injury case based on the understanding that they will only receive a fee if the case is successful. Read more about what a no win no fee agreement is.

Collective conditional fee agreement - this is the same as a conditional fee agreement but is reserved for those making group claims.

Counterclaim - when the party that you are claiming against decides to claim against you in response.

Costs - see disbursements.

Disbursements - payments made by your solicitor to other people on your behalf such as court fees, police accident report fees, medical report fees, hospital records, GP records, after-the-event insurance and counsel fees if your case goes to court.

Fees - the hourly rate that your solicitor will charge for his legal services. These will not need to be paid if a no win no fee case is unsuccessful.

General damages - part of personal injury compensation along with special damages (see below), general damages usually relate to the injury itself and include pain, suffering, discomfort and distress; loss of congenial employment; and other lifestyle changes such as no longer being able to carry out household tasks or play sport.

Law Society - a prestigious legal organisation which regulates and represents more than 116,000 solicitors, who demonstrate excellent skill and standards of practice.

Legal expenses insurance - see before-the-event insurance. Read more about legal expenses insurance.

Losing your case - when either the court dismisses your claim or you decide to proceed no further with the claim without receiving any compensation.

Medical negligence - Medical negligence may occur when a member of medical staff such as a GP, physician or surgeon does not treat a patient with due care, resulting in that patient sustaining a personal injury or dying.

These differ from other personal injury claims in that legal aid is still available for some medical negligence claims.

Negligence - failure to exercise due care to others which would reasonably be expected of a person in the circumstances or taking action which a reasonable person would not. For example, an employer may not exercise due care and attention to an employee by violating health and safety regulations in the workplace.

No win no fee - it quite literally means that if you do not win your case you do not pay your solicitor's fees. See Conditional fee agreement.

Personal injury solicitors - these are solicitors who specialise in personal injury law. They are usually experienced in dealing with a variety of different personal injury cases although some may focus on specific areas such as industrial illness or catastrophic injuries.

Most esteemed personal injury firms, will be accredited by APIL and represented by the Law Society. Read more about our personal injury solicitors.

Special damages - part of personal injury compensation along with general damages (see above), special damages may include: loss of earnings, cost of medical treatment, cost of travel to and from hospital and the cost of ongoing medical care, therapy and special accommodation.

Success fee - the fee that your solicitor will receive if your claim is successful.

Winning your case - when the court decided that your claim has been successful or you decide to settle out of court and receive your compensation accordingly.

Making a no win no fee claim today

If you have been involved in a car accident, holiday accident, accident at work or any other non-fault accident that resulted in you or someone close to you sustaining a personal injury then you may be in a position to make a no win no fee claim.

Our personal injury solicitors have an excellent claim success rate and work on a no win no fee basis, guaranteeing that you will not have to pay a penny if your claim is unsuccessful.

If you would like to make a no win no fee personal injury claim today just give us a call on 0800 197 32 32.