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A successful no win no fee claim for mesothelioma compensation

In July 2002 we received a call from the wife of a former builder who contracted an industrial illness as the result of working with the poisonous substance, asbestos, almost 50 years ago.

Her husband was keen to make a no win no fee compensation claim against his former employers and had asked his wife to pursue the case on his behalf as he was too sick to deal with the legal proceedings. Read more about what the no win no fee agreement is.

How the asbestos-related-disease was contracted
The woman told us of how her husband became a builder's apprentice in Rotherham when he was 16 years old and throughout his working life he had carried out work on many properties that had been built with asbestos to insulate their walls. His duties included knocking through the walls of large, old houses so that they could be converted into flats and he remembered how the lethal, powdery substance had been so common.

Years later, he started to get pains in his chest and experience substantial shortness of breath. After learning about the health risks associated with asbestos powder, the builder decided to get checked out by his local GP. Following a thorough examination, the GP confirmed his greatest fears and concluded that the man had mesothelioma, a fatal cancer of the lung.

He was told that there was nothing that could be done to reverse the effects of the asbestos-related-disease but his remaining time could be made more comfortable if he took medication to relieve the pain. He was also given medication to help with his breathing which was getting increasingly difficult.

He then had to break the news that he only had months to live, the news which his family had been dreading to hear. Disgusted that the risks of this dangerous substance had not been publicised before thousands like him had been exposed, he decided that he would like to make a claim for compensation. His wife had already given up her job to nurse him as his condition worsened and he wanted her to be provided for when he departed. He told her this and asked her to help him pursue the claim.

She had heard about the no win no fee agreement which applies to personal injury claims and asked their son to source out a personal injury specialist that would be suitable to work on their case. He found our website, was impressed with the services that we offer and passed on our phone number to his mother.

We received a phone call from her and she explained her husband's circumstances to us. She gave us all the details surrounding her husband's illness, such as the names of the employers whose negligence he thought had contributed to him contracting the terminal industrial illness and the date that he was first diagnosed.

Our claim team explained how the no win no fee agreement works in plain English and reassured the woman that her husband's claim was completley risk-free.  If in the event that the case was unsuccessful, he wouldn't pay a penny.

Sadly, her husband had died before the case was finalised but she decided to go ahead and the family were offered an out of court settlement of 82,000, as a combination of both general and special damages, which they accepted and put towards building a help group for families affected by asbestos-related-diseases.

How to make a hassle free, no win no fee claim today
If, like the man described above, you have suffered an industrial illness as the result of negligence by your employer then you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Our personal injury solicitors are experts with a variety of cases and have a fantastic success rate. We promise that our no win no fee claim process is both completely risk free and completely hassle free.

To begin the process for your no win no fee compensation claim either fill out one of our online claim forms or call 0800 197 32 32 today.