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Young man wins no win no fee holiday accident claim

We received a phone call in October 2003 from a 25-year-old Oxfordshire man who wanted to make a no win no fee compensation claim after suffering personal injuries in a holiday accident on an organised excursion.

The man and his fiancée booked a last minute package deal to Limassol on the south coast of Cyprus. When they arrived at their resort they discovered that it was very tourist focused and they were soon itching to experience some authentic Cypriot culture. With this in mind they attended their welcome meeting the following morning and booked a one day Jeep safari into the Troodos Mountains.

Troodos Mountains At 6am the next day the couple were collected from their hotel and they clambered into the Jeep with six other passengers. They set out on their adventure and were driven on winding roads through traditional little villages all the way up through the mountains. They visited a beautiful waterfall and stopped for a tour of the stunning Byzantine Kykkos Monastery along the way. The afternoon culminated with a drive to the summt of Mount Olympus, the highest point of the mountain range. The views were stunning and their guide gave them a brief talk on the island's troubled past.

The return journey involved going off road and was extremely bumpy. The passengers expressed their concern but the tour guide assured them that this was the nature of the trip and that they were perfectly safe because he had done this trip many times before and knew the mountain roads like the back of his hand. Within minutes these words of reassurance were proved wrong when the Jeep overturned and the passengers, none of which were strapped in as seatbelts were not installed, collided with one another as they were thrown across to the other side of the vehicle.

Fortunately, the road where the vehicle accident occurred was fairly wide and the Jeep was not thrown into the valley below otherwise this would have almost certainly been a fatal accident. Many of the passengers sustained serious personal injuries and some were knocked unconscious.

Our client managed to shield his fiancée during the accident, meaning that she only suffered superficial injuries. He, on the other hand, took the brunt of the impact as the vehicle's roof hit the floor and sustained a serious closed head injury, facial lacerations and damage to his shoulder and neck tissues which was suspected as a whiplash injury.

The passengers were rushed to hospital via air ambulance and all survived although our client's condition remained critical for 10 days. His fiancée did not leave his side and when he was stable they both flew back to the UK.

He continued to suffer severe headaches, his moods were low and he spent a further 12 weeks recuperating. When he returned to work, part time at first, he began to experience epileptic episodes which subsided after another 5 months but greatly affected his work as a computer analyst as well as the couple's plans to get married.

The extent of the personal injuries that he suffered in the Cypriot road accident and the amount of earnings that he had lost motivated him to seek personal injury compensation. He had heard about the no win no fee agreement and knew that with his finances in such a delicate state this was the only way to go so he contacted our claim advisors.

After telling us the details concerning his compensation claim we referred him to a holiday accident claim specialist. The no win no fee solicitor explained what the claims process would entail in plain English and when the client was completely happy with the terms of the no win no fee case they went ahead with the claim against the tour operator through which the man had booked the trip.

The personal injury solicitor fought to get our client the most compensation available on the basis that the tour operator was responsible for his welfare on the Jeep safari that he booked under the recommendation of a holiday representative employed by them. The case was a success and the man received a cheque for £54,240 within a few weeks of the case settlement. This compensation award helped the man to rebuild his life, afford the medical treatment and care that he needed and the next year he was able to return back to work full time and finally get married.

How you too can make a no win no fee claim today
If you have been harmed in a holiday accident, accident at work or any other accident that wasn't your fault then it is likely that you can make a no win no fee compensation claim against the party responsible.

We are associated with a panel of some of the industry's leading personal injury solicitors who all work on a no win no fee basis. This means that if your case is unsuccessful you are free from paying your solicitor's fees, and you can focus on getting better, not worryin about money.

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