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A successful no win no fee dog bite injury claim

The father of a six-year-old child contacted us to pursue a no win no fee personal injury claim against the owners of a German shepherd after it bit their son while he was playing in the street.

The little boy was playing football with his ten-year-old brother and two friends on a patch of grass outside their house in Surrey when the dog bite incident occurred.

A neighbour opened his door and came out onto his driveway to collect something from his car and his dog shot out of the house and ran towards the group of children. The dog was a jittery ex-police dog and the fast actions of the children got him over-excited and caused to start jumping around, barking.

Quite naturally, the children were scared of the large dog. They dispersed but the small boy, who was not used to dogs, became frozen with fear. The dog's owner was calling him back to the house but this only seemed to agitate the animal more. Eventually, the boy found the strength to run away but this just encouraged the dog to chase after him.

The boy began to cry and his father had come outside to see what all the commotion was about just in time to see the dog take a leap and knock the small child to the ground. The boy's instincts were to cover his face but the dog grabbed at his arm and bit down, causing a nasty puncture wound. It then began to maul at the boy's upper body towards his face, causing serious lacerations. By this time, the boy's father and the dog's owner were standing over the dog and managed to distract it and pull it away.

After a short stay in the local hospital the boy was well enough to return home but he opted to stay with an aunt for the time being. The boy's father knew that the boy would not return home until he was sure that the dog was gone so he contacted the police to make sure that necessary action had been taken. He also discovered that the dog had attacked more than once.

He then went online to find out more about making a personal injury claim against the dog's owners. He came across The Claims Solicitors website and contacted our claim advisors for further information about making a no win no fee claim. We said that we would be glad to accept his case and assured him that making a claim with us is totally risk-free.

The boy's father pursued with the case, acting as the boy's Litigation Friend, protecting his son's interests and making important decisions on his behalf. We offered the family our full support, provided free legal advice along the way and his personal injury solicitors sought witnesses and other victims of the dog's brutality in order to build a strong case in the boy's favour.

The dog's owner accepted full liability for the dog's actions and the case was settled out of court. The boy was awarded a total of 10,600 some of which was awarded to the parents to recompense for medical treatment and the remaining sum was invested safely by the Court Funds Office until the boy reached eighteen-years-old.

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