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Are we living in a compensation culture?

When The Claim Solicitors interviewed Paul Webber, an expert compensation claim solicitor, we asked him his thoughts on the UK 'compensation culture'. This is a term that has become increasingly used over recent years but we thought it would be interesting to get some insight and views from one of the leading personal injury solicitor firms that we are associated with.

Paul deals mainly with compensation claims for industrial diseases caused by asbestos and noisy workplace conditions and is not convinced that we are living in a compensation culture. He believes that the whole process of pursuing compensation has been viewed in a very negative light and the term compensation culture has become a convenient catchphrase.

There are of course people who will try their luck and make fraudulent compensation claims. This is demonstrated by the 'cash for crash' scenarios; car accidents which are staged for the purpose of making fake compensation claims. Richard Bacon MP has commented that an estimated 22,605 staged car crashes have taken place since 1999 but if things continue the way they are a further 20,000 collisions could occur over the next 18 months.

However, there are far more people out there who make genuine claims for damages. Consider a man who sustains serious personal injury in a non-fault car crash that leaves him wheelchair bound. He may need may need to make a no win no fee compensation claim for medical treatment and ongoing care as well as the cost of adapting his home. This would be one instance, like many others, when a compensation award is rightly deserved.

It is also important to remember that each personal injury compensation claim is assessed and dealt with on an individual basis, meaning that awarding compensation is not an automatic process.

We conclude that there is no such thing as a compensation culture; personal injury solicitors are here to provide a service to those who wish to make compensation claims for personal injuries that they have sustained through no fault of their own and The Claim Solicitors, like other UK personal injury claim firms, are simply here to provide this service to the public. Under the no win no fee agreement we help people to claim the compensation that is rightfully theirs.

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