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A no win no fee car accident claim success story

We received a call from a 45-year-old Southampton woman who wished to make a no win no fee claim after receiving personal injuries in a rear-impact collision in September 2004.

The woman was on her way to visit her elderly mother, for who she is a carer, when the car crash occurred. She was travelling along the motorway when her Peugeot 306 was suddenly shunted from behind by a Ford Focus.

A police report into the car accident revealed that an SUV was travelling too closely behind the Ford focus when it slowed to let a car in front move into the neighbouring lane. The SUV, being a particularly heavy vehicle, collided into the back of the Ford Focus with tremendous force and sent it hurtling into the Peugeot 306.

Fortunately, our customer's car was installed with a frontal airbag otherwise she could have sustained a serious chest injury or head injury. However, the woman received a minor burn injury to her face caused by the hot gas which is used to inflate the airbag. She also suffered a broken arm as she had her arms across the steering wheel, where the airbag deploys with speed.

She was taken to hospital where her personal injuries were diagnosed and treated. After further investigation, a doctor also determined that she had suffered a whiplash injury. He prescribed her with anti-inflammatory pain killers and advised her to apply a cold compress to the neck area to decrease swelling.

The 45-year-old's injuries meant that she could not work, drive or look after her mother properly for a number of weeks. Social services had to supply a temporary carer which her mother found distressing. The woman found the whole ordeal very upsetting and sought compensation for her injuries, the inconvenience she had suffered and the earnings she had lost.

Her son went online and found The Claim Solicitors website. He noted that our personal injury solicitors work on a no win no fee basis and was glad to see that his mother would be financially secure at all times.

After telling his mother about the services we offer, she contacted our claim advisors who explained the claims process in plain English, without using legal jargon and assessed her eligibility to make a compensation claim.

We took on the claim and worked closely with our customer to build a strong case. We offered all the free legal advice that she wanted and within a matter of months she was offered an out-of-court settlement of 4,500 which she accepted.

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